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About Us

When my grandmother would ask me to get ready for church, I’d often moan in frustration, asking: “Do I have to go?” And she would look at me, confused that I didn’t share her excitement. As a very spiritual person, she dedicated much of her free time to health, wellness and esoteric studies, which I didn’t see other people in her church doing. And trying my best to make the most pitiful face, she said something that would fundamentally change my entire belief system. She said: “I don’t go to church for someone to teach me. I can do that on my own. I go there because my Mama went to church and my Mama’s Mama went to church. I go there to be with My People.”

 Though I am not religious, I went on to pursue a degree in Religious Studies and Psychology.  I also trained in various Wellness and Esoteric practices.  And in all those spaces I noticed that we all need others along our journey to encourage and support us as we encourage and support them. Even though we have different goals, dreams, and concerns, it is my intention to create a space where you can truly be welcomed as you heal, expand and live out your dreams. Each program addresses various stages of life, from deep soul healing to chasing dreams and creating impact. This is an uninterrupted space where you can spread your wings and fly. And I am so grateful that you choose this space to share your gifts, talents, and passions.

What we do

  • a collaborative space where people can share their healing journeys, share their gifts and cultivate their passions.  This dynamic space creates an inclusive environment where you can truly feel a part of a community.  Feature includes:

    • “Gratitude” chat where you can spark your creativity by sharing your passions, encouraging others and collaborating.

    • "Interactive Collective Spaces" where all community members can post and share their journeys.

    • "Apprenticeship Pre-Week Updates" 1st week of every new Energy Healing Practitioner (Reiki Master Teacher) cohort is free for the community to experience .

    • Where we embark on different wellness programs and support each other along the way.


My People”: Free membership that includes a supportive interactive space.

Mystic + Body”:  “My People” included +  Sunday Group Healing Sessions, Yearly 52 Week Goal Setting Program (starts January of each year; join anytime), Library of Mystic Resources + Materials.  Mind, Body and Energy Healing Programs.

"Reiki Apprentice Preweek": a free week at the beginning of the Reiki Master Teacher Apprenticeship Program cohort that allows you to test out the program.

Reiki Master Teacher Apprenticeship Program”: Attunement/Initiation for those training in the healing techniques.  This is a year long apprenticeship that starts each Fall.  Included in the program:

  • Reiki Master Teacher Certification (certifications/attunements include) 

    • 1st Degree Reiki Practitioner

    • 2nd Degree Reiki Practitioner

    • Reiki Master Practitioner

    • Reiki Master Teacher

  • Foundations in Astrology

    • Reading/interpreting natal chart

    • Techniques for pairing Energy Healing with Astrological Transits

  • Foundations in Herbal Knowledge

    • Understanding plant benefits and contraindications

    • Herbal use in ritual, spell, prayer work

    • Supporting clients with herbal knowledge

    • Self healing techniques

  • Progressive Intuitive Training

    • Learning how/strengthening the ability to Channel Messages

    • Learning the history of various cultures approach to psychic/medium/intuitive practices

    • Intuitive reading with tools (tarot/oracle, pendulum, rice etc…)

  • Esoteric Business Training 

    • Helping you navigate an online practice

    • Availability to answer any questions along the way.

  • Also included in the Apprenticeship

    • Complementary access to the Mystic + Body community for the duration of the program (regularly $22/month)

    • A private community of other apprentices who encourage and support each other

    • Monthly Applied Techniques Workshops 

    • Monthly Reiki Shares (practicing healing techniques on others and receiving healings)

    • Live online Attunement sessions

    • Replays of all sessions for those who can’t attend live

    • Receive your lineage tracing you back to Reiki Master Usui.